Raccoon Removal Burlington Oakville Ontario

Get Rid of Raccoons before they cause damage to your home or property!

Raccoons may be cute, but they are also carriers of disease with a reputation for leaving destruction in their wake.  They’re noisy, chew holes in your attic, toss your trash all over the place, and steal from your bird feeders!  Here are 5 ways to get rid of them once and for all.

  1. Get Rid of Raccoons by Properly Securing Your Garbage

Raccoons are smart and great at figuring out puzzles.  One of their favourite puzzles is figuring out how to get into your trash, where they hope to find some yummy morsels of food.  The odds are high that a determined raccoon WILL find their way into even the most tightly closed garbage bin.  So your best bet at keeping them out of it is to lock up your garbage in a secure shed or garage, and only put it outside on the same morning that your trash is scheduled to be picked up.

Worst case, if you don’t have any secure areas to use for the storage of your trash bins, make it as difficult as possible for raccoons to get into them.  Ensure that the lids fit tightly.  Weigh down the lids with a heavy cement block.  You could even try using a bungee cord to secure the lid.

  1. Evict Raccoons From Your Attic by Sealing it Off

The best way to get rid of raccoons in your attic is to seal off all of the entry points, except for one.  For the remaining entry, install a one-way exclusion door that will allow the raccoon inside to get out, but not back in.

  1. Discourage Raccoons From Snooping Around Your Roof By Destroying Bridges

Ok, so don’t take that literally.  But the point is that raccoons may be accessing your roof via natural bridges such as overhanging tree branches.  If it’s too high for you to safely cut down the target branches, make an investment in hiring a tree trimming service to take care of it for you.  Once you remove their easy access to your rooftop, they’ll move on to easier targets.

  1. Get Rid of Raccoons by Being Annoying

Yes, you read that right.  Generally speaking, raccoons don’t like humans, nor do they like our noise or bright light when all they want is to sleep.  Use that to your advantage by annoying them enough that they decide to find  a new home.  Granted, this doesn’t tend to be as effective as other methods, but you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try!

If you know where their nest is, make sure it’s well-lit.  If you can do this without bothering your neighbours, set up a radio nearby, tuned to talk radio, so that your furry guests can’t get any peace and quiet.  You never know, it just might work!

  1. Get Rid of Raccoons by Calling a Pro

Raccoons are smart and persistent.  By all means try the DIY tricks listed above to see if you have success.  But it’s almost always more convenient (not to mention more effective!) to simply call in an experienced pest removal expert to take care of your raccoon problem once and for all!

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