Squirrel Removal Burlington OntarioSquirrels can be a lot of fun to watch as they scamper about, but when they start to cause damage, they need to go. Here are six simple tips for squirrel removal in Burlington.

1. Stop Squirrel Problems in Your Garden by Sprinkling Capsaicin on Your Plants

Capsaicin is the active ingredient of chilli peppers, and causes an intense burning sensation when eaten by mammals of all kinds. Sprinkle a bit of capsaicin on your plants to deter squirrels from chewing them.

2. Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic with Exclusion Doors

Getting rid of squirrels in the attic will take some time, but it’s not difficult if you have the patience for it. The first step is to find all of their entry points. Seal off all of them, except for one (because the last thing you want is for a squirrel to become trapped there, die, and start to rot, right?) Avoid this by allowing them a single exit point, upon which you’ve installed a one-way exclusion door. The squirrel can get out alive, but can’t get back in.

3. Squirrel Removal in Burlington Can be Accomplished With Traps

You an also remove squirrels via humane traps. Prevent the squirrels from overheating by placing the traps in shady areas. Choose a small trap, because large ones will allow them to run around in a panic and hurt themselves. Peanut butter makes for a yummy bait that squirrels will love. For squirrels that have invaded an indoor space, exclusion doors are best. But if you wish to use a trap anyways, set them outside close to the entry holes, or attach them directly to the entry and exit points. Check the traps regularly to see if any squirrels are inside and ready for relocation.

4. Keep Squirrels from Coming Back By Sealing Their Entry Holes with Steel

Once you’ve gotten rid of nuisance squirrels from inside your home or attic, use steel to permanently seal off the entry points that they’ve been using. Steel is the ideal choice because they can’t chew through it to get back in.

5. Use Professional-Quality Predator Scents to Deter Nuisance Squirrels

It’s possible to purchase predator scents (for example, bobcat and/or fox urine), which, if spread in the areas that you frequently see squirrels, can cause them to avoid the area in future. Be sure to reapply it after it’s been washed away by rain, or covered by snow.

6. Do Not Use Poison to Solve Your Squirrel Problems

The use of poison is inhumane, and there are far kinder ways of getting rid of squirrels. Stick to the use of humane traps and deterrents instead.

Squirrel Removal in Burlington is Easy…

…with Patience and the Right Knowledge

If you have the time, by all means try to get rid of problem squirrels on your own via finding and sealing entry holes, exclusion doors, deterrents, and other techniques. However, particularly if squirrels have invaded your home, it’s wise to get professional help for faster results. This will go a long way towards preventing any further damage from occurring.

If you’re in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills or Waterdown areas, call Halton Wildlife now for a squirrel or wildlife removal quote!