Getting rid of centipedes is essential for the peace of mind of any home owner. If you have centipedes, or any pest in your home, then it is harder to have a sense of control and security in your dwelling. Here are some simple tips to help prevent centipedes from getting in to your home and getting rid of these critters.

But we get it, if you a true fear of bugs or fear of insects, called Entomophobia or Acarophobia, we’ll forgive you for contacting a pest control company now :) 


Here’s our 6 Tips to Help Rid Your Home or Workplace of Centipedes

  1. Handle on sight

One of the best ways to get rid of centipedes is to deal with them as you see them, whether that means killing them or capturing them. Doing so will prevent them from multiplying and making even more work for you.  This job is easier said than done, however, since these long insects and their vast multitude of legs are very quick and hard to catch.

  1. Sticky traps to catch centipedes

A good way to catch centipedes before you see them, sticky traps are especially useful if you think you have centipedes but are unsure, or if you know you have them and you can’t catch them. If you use traps, you should put them near corners and crevices, since that is typically where centipedes hunt. Don’t forget to check the traps semi-regularly to dispose of anything that could be stuck on them.

  1. Sealing means of centipede entry

A preventative measure to keep centipedes out of your house is to seal the entry points they’re using to invade your home. And as a bonus, this also works to prevent other pests from entering your home. Sealing any cracks in the foundation and eliminating gaps between windows or doors is a key step to take during this process.

  1. Getting rid of centipedes by eliminating other pests

This trick works by association. If you eliminate the centipede’s food, then the centipede will either starve to death or move on to a place where there is something to hunt. This method might be a bit more work than some of the others, because you have to find other pests in your home as well, but it is also an effective way to get rid of centipedes without dealing with them directly.

  1. Keeping the home dry

Centipedes need a moist environment in order to thrive, so getting rid of excess moisture in the house will cause the centipedes to dry out and die. You should check your basement and other places in the home for damp spots that centipedes could thrive in. Packets of silica can be used in the dampest places of your dwelling to wick away water from the ground and air. A dehumidifier can also be used to reduce the overall indoor moisture level.

  1. Decluttering the home

Removing clutter from your home is a helpful step in centipede management because it removes the pests’ hiding places. Relocating storage bins and stacks away from being right on the wall or directly on the floor removes two of the centipedes’ best hiding places. Also, moving organic material away from your house reduces the likelihood of centipedes venturing inside since their prey hides out in these kinds of material.

Final steps for getting rid of centipedes

These tips should help you to eliminate, or reduce, the presence of centipedes in your home. The good news is that these creatures seldom come in large numbers, so if you can eliminate the few you notice you will most likely have your situation handled. Of course, sometimes pests are harder to get rid of than you would like, and in those instances you can always get professional help from a pest control specialist.

Again, if you have a fear of centipedes that’s preventing you from taking action on your own, you guessed it, call a pest control specialist to take care of them for you.