Mud Dauber Wasp PestOnce you’ve had a wasp nest removed by a wildlife or pest control expert, you know you don’t want to go through that process again. It’s stressful having wasps buzzing around your property – whether it is disrupting your home comfort or your business – so you might as well lessen the odds of them moving back in, right? Here is how to deter wasps from invading your property.

Here are 8 easy ways of deterring wasps from your property.

1. Don’t Let Them Make a Wasp Nest in Your House

Seal up any possible points of entry to your home such as cracks in your windows, gaps in door frames, and vents. Ensure that all of your door and window screens are in good repair, and fix any tears or holes promptly when they occur.

2. Cover Your Garbage

Wasps are often attracted to garbage, but if you seal yours tight to prevent any wasps from accessing it, there will be no reward for those that do come across it.

3. Destroy Abandoned Animal Burrows

Did you know that wasps sometimes make a nest in abandoned animal burrows? If you notice any uninhabited burrows for creatures such as gophers, chipmunks, or squirrels, fill them in. That will prevent ground nesting wasps from finding it and making it their home.

4. Control Your Food Waste

In spring and early summer, wasps are often attracted to protein-based foods, whereas in late summer and fall, they are typically all over sweet foods.

So don’t leave that stuff lying around. Cover any leftovers, and remove them altogether once everyone is finished eating. And whatever you do, don’t leave out sugary drinks like cans of pop since these act as wasp magnets in late summer and early fall!

But it’s not just edible food that’s the problem. Wasps can also be attracted to compost piles, and pet foods. For compost piles, keep the wasps out by covering them up in a compost bin, or piling on brown matter such as dry leaves.

5. Clean Up the Wasp Magnet That is Your Fruit Trees

Especially if you have a lot of trees, or large ones, keeping on top of picking fruit as it ripens can be a big job. But if your goal is to minimize wasp populations on your property, you’d be wise to make this job a priority. Focus on removing over-ripened fruit promptly. Also get rid of any rotting fruit that falls to the ground since wasps love it!

6. Avoid Wearing Bright Colours

Wasps are drawn to bright colors – so if you’re out in an area with wasps, minimize the chances of them taking an interest in you by sticking to dark colours instead.

7. Don’t Swat at a Wasp

This tip isn’t exactly a deterrent, but more of a preventative. Wasps can release pheromones that attract more of their kind when feeling threatened. So keep your movements around them calm and slow.

8. Put up a Fake Wasp Nest

Ok, so this tip is one that won’t do any harm, and might help. Many wasps won’t nest in an area that they think is already inhabited by another group of wasps. If you can put up a realistic fake nest, you might be lucky and help deter new wasps from moving in. Don’t spend too much money on this one though since there is no scientific proof that it works, and the other strategies are more effective.

Did We Get Rid of Your Wasps?

The above tips can help you prevent wasps from nesting in and around your property. It’s clear, they can be more than just a nuisance – their stings can hurt, and for an unlucky few, cause severe allergic reactions. Do everything within your power to keep them from playing house on your property.

If it is too late this year or despite your best efforts they move in anyway, you can always call in an expert in wildlife and pest removal to take care of it for you!

Whether in Burlington, Oakville, Milton or the Waterdown area, our pest control professionals are just a call away and can help you immediately!