Halton Region - Wildlife Removal and Pest Control

When it comes to animal removal and pest control in Halton Region - we have you covered. This is the core service area for Halton Wildlife and Pest Control Services and we're locally owned and operated.

Halton Region Fast Facts

With a population base greater than 250,000, you would think this urban area is free from pest problems. Well, the truth is that Halton is home to almost 500 farms. Halton is really urban meets country and development continues at a rapid pace.

Wildlife and rodent displacement due to urban development means habitat is being displaced, and wild animals and pests are looking to warm and comfortable shelter to make their new home. Often, this is your property! Attics, garages, under decks - these are all common places where wildlife, rodents and insects are found.

Residential neighbourhoods in Halton are often surrounded by greenspace, too. Whether it is backyard ravines, parks or other green space adjoining your property. Also, there is a lot of protected area, particularly the Niagara Escarpment. This makes for a beautiful natural environment to live in, but always means problem animals and pests will try to get into your home.

We Know Halton's Pest Problems

We deal with nuisance animals, rodents and insects commonly found within Halton Region and employ best practices to rid them from your property. We humanely remove everything from raccoons in from the attice, wasps from crevices from your home, mice in your house and everything in between. We are certified exterminators and experienced wildlife control experts.

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