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Hamilton Wildlife and Pest Control

Hamilton Wildlife and Pest Control

For Hamilton's fast, professional and budget friendly animal removal and pest control services, call us first. We have Hamilton and area covered as we're locally owned and operated!

Hamilton Fast Facts

With a population base of approximately 500,000, Hamilton is a resurgent city accelerating development and a rich natural environment. That environment includes rich greenspace, trails and parks. The Niagara Escarpment and Bruce trail are protected areas that provide residents a place to truly live within nature.

Urban development, although is good for the city, is a problem for wildlife and other "pests". That means animals will seek out shelter and forage for food in areas that we now call home. Also, with the rich natural areas protected from development in close proximity to homes and business, it is no wonder that property owners experience ongoing nuisance animal issues. Also, development displaces rodent populations, which are an ever present issue even in its absence. What this means is that what makes Hamilton a great place to live, also makes it a great place for wildlife to live, too.

Where nuisance animals and pests try to make your home theirs, is where the problem lies. Attics, basements, decks, and even your walls - this is where animals like raccoons, squirrels, mice and other insects can infiltrate.

We Know Hamilton's Pest Problems

We deal with nuisance animals, rodents and insects commonly found within Hamilton and our trained wildlife removal experts and certified pest extermination experts are standing by to help. We humanely remove everything from raccoons in from the attic, wasps from crevices from your home, mice in your house and everything in between. When animals or insects have made your home theirs, call us first!

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