Milton - Wildlife Removal and Pest Control

Milton Wildlife and Pest Control

Milton Wildlife and Pest Control

When it comes to animal removal and pest control in Milton - we have you covered. Milton is a core service area for us and we're locally owned and operated.

Town of Milton Fast Facts

Fast growing Milton has population that has rocketed past 100,000 in the last year and with all this development, wild animals and rodents are being displaced from what was their natural environment. At the same time, Milton is surrounded by greenspace a mature trees as it is on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail.

It's clear that where the natural environment meets urban development and growth, wildlife and pest control needs increase for the residents and business owners in the Town. Rodents flee immediately when new development commences and particularly in the winter, they seek the warmth of nearby homes and buildings. Wild animals, from raccoons to squirrels to possum, seek out shelter as well.  Don't let their search end at your home or business! Attics, garages, under decks - these are all common places where wild animals, rodents and insects like to take up residence.

Subdivisions in Milton are regularly in proximity on abutting greenspace - from ravines, parks, golf courses or other forested areas there is ample opportunity for animals to cross between spaces. The Niagara Escarpment is a protected natural feature and local asset, yet at the same time it provides an abundant habitat-next-door for wild animals to multiply.

We Know Milton's Pest Problems

We deal with nuisance animals, rodents and insects commonly found within Milton and use safe, humane methods to get rid of them - all by trained professionals. We're here to protect your property from any further (or initial) damage and to restore comfort to your family. We humanely remove everything from raccoons in the attic, wasps from high corners of buildings on your property, or mice from your home - and all nuisance pests in between. Call the certified exterminators and experienced wildlife control experts.

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