There are a number of different pests that you might find in your Burlington home. Some can definitely be more of a nuisance than others, but it is never fun to find wildlife in your space. If you spot the signs of a potential pest problem or infestation act fast to remove them from your home and prevent their re-entry to avoid long term struggles.

Top pests you’ll find in Burlington

While there are countless species of wildlife in the GTA and Burlington specifically, there are a few that are more common in residential areas. A pest problem can become a significant issue very quickly so it’s important to recognize when there’s cause for concern.

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Some of the top pests you’ll find in Burlington include:

1. Squirrels

Most commonly seen running around your backyard, squirrels can easily enter your attic through small holes in your roof, chimney, vents or soffit. Once they enter your home, they can create quite the mess. Squirrels will often sharpen their teeth on electrical wires and wood beams, causing a fire risk. They will also tear apart insulation to build a nest and urinate and defecate all over the space. Removing squirrels from your attic can be fairly difficult, since many times they will have babies in there before you even notice you have a pest problem.

2. Raccoons

Raccoons are very much like squirrels in their entrance and destruction habits, so you might have trouble initially diagnosing your pest problem. Raccoons will often make more noise than squirrels thanks to their size, however they are just as difficult to remove.

3. Bats

These tiny and nimble critters can squeeze through the tiniest of holes, and thanks to their nocturnal habits it can take quite awhile until you notice you have an issue. The most difficult thing about bats is that they actually carry several harmful bacteria in their feces and body, making them more complicated to clean up after. Removal can often be done with a bat box attached to the entry point of your attic.

4. Skunks

Skunks will stick close to the ground, so it’s your basement, shed and porch that are at risk for infestation. Skunks love hiding out under your deck and shed! The easiest way to keep skunks at bay is to ensure no food sources are available. While it’s possible they’ll still look to burrow in your yard, if there are no food sources skunks are more likely to move along fairly quickly.

5. Opossums

Opossums are one of the biggest nuisances thanks to their overall adaptability. This pest will look for a place to nest both low to the ground and high in the air, meaning no space is safe. They feed on insects, fruit, vegetables and even birds and can climb trees in order to get into your attic.

6. Mice & Rats

These pests are some of the most commonly nuisances that you’ll come across in Burlington. Although they reproduce incredibly fast and can become an infestation almost overnight, mice and rats are fairly simple to remove using baited traps.

Prevention is key

Regardless of what kind of pest is prominent in your neighbourhood, the best way to avoid an infestation is to prevent their entry in the first place. Clean up any food sources, keep your yard tidy and trim any trees that extend too closely to your roof to reduce the likelihood of pests getting into your home. Take time to regularly check around the base of your roof for signs of cracks or holes that wildlife could squeeze through, and place mesh covers on vents and chimneys as well. If you do suspect a pest problem it’s worth calling a pest removal professional to ensure that you remove them in a humane and safe manner.