What Animal Is in My Attic?

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"I Don't Know What Critter is in My Attic, But IT IS Up There!" If you've been hearing the pitter patter of little feet in your attic, you probably have an animal - likely a squirrel, raccoon, bat, bird or rodent (and likely more than one) - who's thinking of making a home in there. 

Keep Control of Nuisance Animals – Wildlife Entry Prevention

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While you should be taking measures for nuisance wildlife prevention all year round, now, at the onset of winter, is the time to inspect your home for winter entry points.  Animals want to get in out of the cold, mate, and create nests, so it's vitally important that you do what you can to prevent

Squirrel Baby Season – Don’t Let them Take Residence in Your Home

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Depending on the breed, squirrels mate in July and August, plus in the winter months of January, February, or March. The result of each successful mating is usually anywhere from one to seven babies who will not leave their nest until they're around eight weeks old, and won't be weaned until they're almost three months

Humane Bird Removal Methods (and Why You Need to Remove Them in the First Place!)

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Humane Bird Removal Methods Nuisance birds are more than just an annoyance. Did you that there are a significant number of bird-related risks to health and property too? It is therefore vital to get to know the worst of them in order to take the relevant measures. Once you've educated yourself on the variety

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