Bugs in your Basement: Why They’re Here and How to Get Rid of Them

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Unless you are someone that finds bugs and insects to be interesting you probably won’t be too happy to find them hanging out in your basement. But the fact is, nearly all basements have bugs of some kind. The key is recognizing which ones are helpful and which ones you should work to get rid

Centipedes in Your House? Here’s how to Exterminate Them!      

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Seeing a centipede in your home might not seem like that big of a deal, after all they pretty much stay out of your way and keep hidden. But noticing one centipede crawling out from a dark crevice or box might actually be a sign that a bigger problem is hiding where you can’t see

Termites and How they Can Damage Your Home

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Termites have built a pretty solid reputation as pests that you don’t want anywhere near your home. As small as an ant but way more destructive, termites are often hard to notice until it’s too late. While there might be some small signs of termites in your home, the signs are usually minimal and easy

Back Yard Freedom from Ticks & Mosquitos

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As spring starts knocking at our door, so do some seriously pesky insects: mosquitoes and ticks! Through the cold and snowy winter, the thought of these annoying insects has probably all but left your mind, but it’s time to start thinking about them again! Preparing your yard to fend off these buggers is the best

Getting Rid of House Spiders – Exterminate them for Good                 

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Spiders are most often an outdoor pest, but you’ve likely come across some in your home periodically. While they are generally good insects to have around, thanks to their penchant for eating other insects, it’s understandable that you'd want to get rid of spiders from your home or property.  You'll want to exterminate them promptly! Spiders

Why Ants in the House is Bad News (And What to Do About it Now!) 

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Ants in your house is probably one of the most annoying pests you can find! These buggers can fit through tiny holes and seem to appear everywhere overnight. You might drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why they are in your home and trying to get rid of them. But read on to find

Ants in the House? 3 Extermination Tips to Keep Them Out

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  Don’t let ants in the house get you down. Whether you have spotted just a few ants or an army invading your kitchen, it’s possible to get rid of ants for good once you know what to do. Sure, even Health Canada says if they're outside it's no big deal, but who wants ants

4 Tactics Spiders & Insects Use to Invade Your Home

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Your home is your castle and if, despite your best defenses, spiders and other creepy insects have invaded it's understandable that you'd want to put a stop to it immediately. The first step to ending their home invasion is to figure out how they got inside. Here are the most common methods of entry that

Tips for Getting Rid of Silverfish and Spiders

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  So getting rid of silverfish and spiders that have invaded your humble home is a priority, and you're not impressed that they decided to visit in the first place.  Don't worry - getting rid of these insects may be an inconvenience, but it's doable.  Here are the tips you need to get rid of

6 Tips for Getting Rid of Centipedes

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  Getting rid of centipedes is essential for the peace of mind of any home owner. If you have centipedes, or any pest in your home, then it is harder to have a sense of control and security in your dwelling. Here are some simple tips to help prevent centipedes from getting in to your

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