What Animals are Under My Shed? Can I animal proof it?

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If you’ve noticed some telltale signs of a pest hiding out under your shed, you might be asking yourself what you can do to get them out and ultimately keep them out. Though it might be hard to tell that an animal has decided to take up residence under your shed, there are some signs

It’s in Your Attic and it’s Likely a Squirrel or Raccoon

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With spring now in the air you’ll likely start noticing animals coming out of hibernation and hanging out in your backyard. While animals like squirrels and raccoons can be cute from a distance and seem like a sign of a great spring ahead, they can actually become pests pretty quickly. If these animals make their

Squirrels & Raccoons are Spring’s Biggest Pests

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With spring right around the corner it’s nearly time for another common thing that comes along with it… backyard pest season! As the weather warms up pests like squirrels and raccoons start to come out of hiding so that they can look for places to build a nest for the spring baby season, meaning your

Why Fall is Wild for Wildlife – and Your Home    

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Now that the weather has gotten colder and it’s no longer comfortable for animals to find spots to create a den outside, your home becomes a much larger target for the neighbourhood pests. Squirrels, possums, bats, owls, raccoons and insects all start to look for somewhere warm to hole up for the winter, and your

Squirrel Baby Season on Now! Things You Need to Know About Baby Squirrels

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Spring time means flowers, showers and baby squirrels! Now that the weather is warming up you are likely to see squirrels around your yard looking for a place to build their nest to have babies. Since you’re bound to encounter this, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are dealing with. What you

Wildlife Control Tips for Golf Course or Ravine Backing Lots   

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Figuring out how to control wildlife when your home backs onto a golf course or ravine can be a difficult task. These areas are typically protected to some extent and since they’re likely home to a wide variety of wildlife, it can feel impossible to keep your yard safe and clear of pests. While it

Best Practices for Pest and Wildlife Removal

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If you’re suspecting that an animal might have decided to make themselves at home in your home or on your property, it’s a problem that is best dealt with immediately. The longer an animal has to get comfortable, the harder they will be to remove. There are many steps involved in removing an animal from

DIY Pest Removal: Our Top Cautions and Concerns

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Having a pest problem in your home can feel like a pretty big deal. Unwanted pests are a nuisance to your family, and can come with some pretty serious health concerns, not to mention the damage they can do to your home! Is a DIY approach to pest control wise? It can be tempting to

Squirrels and Their Babies – and Your Home!

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There are many critters that will make themselves at home in your attic, but one of the most common is squirrels. These pests will often find their way into your house for one main reason: to have babies. Sounds cute, but they can be difficult to remove once they’ve claimed your attic as their nesting

Squirrels, Raccoons or Bats – Which is Worst to Have in your Attic         

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As fall nears and the weather starts changing, you probably find yourself hanging out more inside where it’s warm. Not surprisingly, critters like squirrels, raccoons and bats have the same thought! Unfortunately, this means they’re more likely to make their way into your attic to get comfortable for the winter months. It can be hard

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