Household Pests – Rodents, Insects, Wasps? How to Protect Your Home Year-Round

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Living in Southern Ontario means that you’ll likely end up dealing with household pests at some point in the year. The mild, humid weather often leads to a variety of different animals, rodents and insects looking for a comfortable place to seek shelter and food. Some of the most common pests you’ll deal with are

How many wasp bites are considered dangerous?

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With summer finally upon us, we are now in the height of wasp nesting season - beware of wasp bites! These pesky insects like to build their nests in trees, holes around your home or up in your eaves making them an incredible nuisance when you are trying to enjoy the backyard. When it comes to

Crazy things People Do to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

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Longer days and shorter nights mean that summer is finally on its way! Unfortunately, summer also means the return of one thing that we’re not as crazy about… Wasps! And where there are wasps there is surely a nest or two nearby. Here are a few crazy things you definitely don’t want to do if

It’s Wasp Season – and They’re Looking to Nest Near You!       

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Spring means the return of outdoor events and backyard BBQs. But it also means the return of a certain pesky winged insect that I think we can all agreed we’d be happier without… Wasps! Enjoying a piece of fruit in the backyard now means being prepared to shoo away those buggers and watching for nests

Wasps Infiltrate Halton – Safety Tips for Burlington and Oakville Residents

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In May, wasp season begins in full force in Halton Region. Residents of Burlington, Oakville, Milton and surrounding Southern Ontario areas begin to feel the sting - or at least the annoyance - of these flying nuisances.  Nearly everyone is afraid of wasps, even if stings are technically avoidable by staying clear of them. However, when nests

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