Mice in Your Attic? Sounds Rodents Make in your Home

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Once a rodent takes up residence in your home it can be hard to send them on their way. Though there are some signs that your home might be next on the list for the neighbourhood mouse or rat, it can be hard to pin point whether you actually have an infestation or not. One

Squirrels & Raccoons are Spring’s Biggest Pests

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With spring right around the corner it’s nearly time for another common thing that comes along with it… backyard pest season! As the weather warms up pests like squirrels and raccoons start to come out of hiding so that they can look for places to build a nest for the spring baby season, meaning your

Do Skunks Hibernate in the Winter?  

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Skunks are a pest that you don’t want in your yard at any time of year, so you might be feeling a sense of relief now that the cold weather is setting in and skunks and other pests are starting to hibernate. But your relief may be short lived… skunks actually don’t hibernate! While they

Why Fall is Wild for Wildlife – and Your Home    

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Now that the weather has gotten colder and it’s no longer comfortable for animals to find spots to create a den outside, your home becomes a much larger target for the neighbourhood pests. Squirrels, possums, bats, owls, raccoons and insects all start to look for somewhere warm to hole up for the winter, and your

Centipedes in Your House? Here’s how to Exterminate Them!      

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Seeing a centipede in your home might not seem like that big of a deal, after all they pretty much stay out of your way and keep hidden. But noticing one centipede crawling out from a dark crevice or box might actually be a sign that a bigger problem is hiding where you can’t see

Termites and How they Can Damage Your Home

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Termites have built a pretty solid reputation as pests that you don’t want anywhere near your home. As small as an ant but way more destructive, termites are often hard to notice until it’s too late. While there might be some small signs of termites in your home, the signs are usually minimal and easy

How Raccoons Can Damage Your Property

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Summer time is prime time for getting outside and enjoying your outdoor space with family and friends. It is also prime time for raccoons to do the same! Except when raccoons are enjoying your outdoor space you will most likely be left with quite the mess to clean up. Raccoons might seem like cute creatures

How many wasp bites are considered dangerous?

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With summer finally upon us, we are now in the height of wasp nesting season - beware of wasp bites! These pesky insects like to build their nests in trees, holes around your home or up in your eaves making them an incredible nuisance when you are trying to enjoy the backyard. When it comes to

Birds Nests in Vents? Get Rid of them Now!

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As the warm weather of spring approaches, so does bird nesting season. Unfortunately, one of the more common places for birds to build their nests is in the vents of your home! From dryer vents to fan vents, no small vent space is safe from a bird looking for a safe, warm and comfortable place

Squirrel Baby Season on Now! Things You Need to Know About Baby Squirrels

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Spring time means flowers, showers and baby squirrels! Now that the weather is warming up you are likely to see squirrels around your yard looking for a place to build their nest to have babies. Since you’re bound to encounter this, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are dealing with. What you

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