Seeing a centipede in your home might not seem like that big of a deal, after all they pretty much stay out of your way and keep hidden. But noticing one centipede crawling out from a dark crevice or box might actually be a sign that a bigger problem is hiding where you can’t see it.

Centipedes can be drawn into your home for a good number of reasons and can be somewhat difficult to remove once they’ve made themselves comfortable. But there are a few steps you can take to help prevent them from thinking your home is an attractive place to hang out, and knowing what attracts them to your space in the first place is often the first step in preventing a bigger infestation.

Why centipedes are attracted into your house

The area has an abundance of moisture

Centipedes thrive in a moisture rich environment. If you have any leaks in your basement or around the outside of your home this can help encourage them to come in.

They have a food source

Centipedes feed on small insects and pests, so if they find those in or around your home, they become more likely to find their way inside. Areas like basements and crawl spaces often have an abundance of small, soft-bodied critters like spiders, ants and worms making a pretty comfortable living space for centipedes.

There are good hiding spots

If there are many spots for centipedes to hide, like in brush or wood piles around your home, in kids’ toys left out in the yard or in boxes in your basement, they will quickly make themselves comfortable knowing that they are harder to find.

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Centipede Prevention is the best solution

As with any pest, preventing them from gaining access or making themselves comfortable is really the best solution. Once a pest or insect finds its way into your home, it can be hard to get them to leave. There are many ways you can prevent centipedes from infesting your home:

  • > Ensure that your yard is free from piles of wood, leaves and grass
  • > Keep the kids toys picked up, and store them in sealed containers
  • > Store garbage in sealed bins
  • > Seal any cracks around windows or in your foundation
  • > Make sure all piping or wiring holes are sealed with spray foam or something similar
  • > Fix any leaks in your basement or around the outside of your home.

Once the infestation has begun

If you suspect your home may have the beginnings of a centipede infestation, you want to act fast to ensure you get them out.

The first thing you have to do if you notice centipedes in your home is to immediately kill any that you see. Use a shoe or hard object to kill them, or a pest killing spray. If you have kids or pets, ensure that you do not spray anything in areas where they are present.

If you suspect you might have other pests infesting your home, like ants or spiders, work on clearing that infestation first. Since centipedes like to hang out where they have insects to feed on, getting rid of their food source is an easy way to send them on their way.

Professional Help for Centipede Extermination

Using an insecticide to kill off any of the lingering infestation is a step often saved for last. Usually your initial efforts can clear up your infestation, but if they don’t you might want to consider a stronger method like an insecticide. It is usually wise to contact a professional to help with this because they’ll know the best areas to apply the spray and be able to help ensure it is done safely for your pets and kids.