Commercial Pest Control

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Get a Pest Control QuoteProtecting your business from pests is crucial to ensuring the health and safety of employees, consumers, and  clients. Imagine customers seeing mice in your restaurant? Rat droppings on your warehouse floor? Employees seeing ants in the cafeteria?

From rodents including rats and mice; to wild animals including squirrels, raccoons and opossum - count on Halton Widlife Services to take care of any Industrial, Commercial or Institutional pest control requirements.  We stand by our work with a 100% Guarantee!

Pest and insect extermination services can be done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We provide local businesses the very best value in Halton and Hamilton Regions. Importantly, services can almost always be performed to avoid disruption to your business or operations.

Pest abatement is not a nice-to-have, it's a must to maintain health, safety and comfort in any business. The good news is we offer the most competitive pest control service rates in Halton!

Our commercial pest control service program is customized based on your business needs. We understand that no two buildings are the same - from layout and configuration to the type of business activities carried out. Typical clients in need of our services include:

Premises Inspection to Identify Pests and Entry Points 

We'll start by conducting a thorough site inspection, tracing vulnerabilities within and outside the commercial building. Once the pest issue is identified we formulate a plan of action that includes initial eradication of pests followed by a clearly communicated plan to keep the pests away.

Our highly customized commercial pest management approach will secure your business property from future pest proliferation.

Seasonal Pest Issues

Different pests attempt to infiltrate your commercial premises based on several factors, including the weather and changing seasons. Although different seasons may trigger different pest issues - we come prepared to safely exterminate as needed to effectively treat the problem.

We've developed effective seasonal programs to deter all pests from your business!

Commercial Pest Abatement Programs

If you have had ongoing issues with pests and have had exterminators or animal control experts visit several times, it might be more cost effective to implement a pest abatement program. For example, we can visit your location on a set schedule to set rodent stations up to ensure they're warded off before entering your facility. The frequency and scope of the pest abatement program will depend on the pest type and issues at hand. Pest abatement programs are especially vital when it comes to establishments handling or serving food. Needless to say, commercial pest control services are essential for restaurants! In fact, very recently rodent control problems shut down three restaurants in Waterloo Region".


Pest Extermination and Wildlife Removal Done Right

Although we may have the best prices, we'll only say we provide you the best value. That means our commercial services are extremely price competitive while delivering the most effective results using the right materials administered by our trained, certified technicians.

Our job is to service our local business throughout Halton by delivering responsive service at the best value. We're fast, we're local and we get the job done every time.

Of course, your SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED as we're committed to our neighbourhood commercial and business customers!