Longer days and shorter nights mean that summer is finally on its way! Unfortunately, summer also means the return of one thing that we’re not as crazy about… Wasps! And where there are wasps there is surely a nest or two nearby. Here are a few crazy things you definitely don’t want to do if you find a nest on your property, and a few dangers of removing it yourself.

5 things NOT to do to wasps’ nests

1. Do not swat at wasp nests with a baseball bat

Hitting a wasp nest with any sort of instrument is a terrible idea. All you will accomplish is angering the wasps and asking for them to sting you. Likely multiple times!

2. Do not take it down/spray it in the middle of the day

At night the workers all return to the nest so they and the queen are inside, and far less aggressive. If you do decide to try this be sure you follow the proper steps and dress appropriately to avoid stings!

3. Don’t use fire to get rid of it

Same way you would be angry if someone set your home on fire, so will the wasps! They will respond with extreme aggression and you will be looking at some very angry, vengeful wasps.

4. Don’t just grab it and remove it

Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly without losing their stinger. This is especially dangerous if you are allergic or might be. So just grabbing the nest and removing it only serves to anger the wasps and put you at risk.

5. Don’t seal off the opening/entrance

When you seal off the entrance to a wasps’ nest they’ll quickly become agitated and look for where to create a new exit. Problem is, you don’t know where that exit might be! When blocked in wasps will chew through plasterboard, wood and other materials just to get out.

Dangers of removing the nest yourself

Wasps generally have one purpose in life: to protect their queen. So, when threatened, they tend to jump into attack mode pretty quickly. Wasp stings hurt which is a good reason to avoid them. But if you happen to be allergic you could move from some minor pain to a very serious situation rather quickly!

Why you should contact a professional to remove the wasps nest:

  • They have the proper attire to avoid possible stings
  • They can do it quickly and efficiently, without angering the wasps too much
  • You can avoid any possible allergic reactions

Get Help to Safely Remove Wasps’ Nests

If you have a wasp nest that is intimidating for any reason, especially if you might be allergic, be sure to call a professional to come remove it for you! Here at Halton Wildlife Services we’ve been dealing with wasps’ nests for years so we can quickly and effectively remove them from your home, without you chancing a nasty encounter!