Finding a rodent in or around your home is a problem that no homeowner wants to deal with. You need rodent control help – fast. These pests are dirty, destructive, can spread disease, and can be quite difficult to get rid of once they infest a property. The GTA has been a hotbed for rat infestations for several years, so it should come as no surprise if you spot one in your neighbourhood. However, the Peel Region has recently introduced an initiative to help homeowners remove rats from their property, in an effort to improve the situation in the city.

Yes, Halton Wildlife technicians also provide rodent control services to residents in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and areas. Get control of your rat or mice situation!

Rats can cause costly damage

Rats are very destructive critters that often leave a trail of damage in their path.

They chew on everything

A rat’s teeth never stop growing so they constantly need to chew on things to keep them short and sharpened. Rats in your attic or basement can cause structural issues by chewing on wood beams, wires, insulation, drywall and anything else they can find.

They can mess with your electrical

Thanks to their need to chew things, rats can cause electrical issues and even fires pretty easily. When they pull out your insulation, tear apart wood and chew up the coated wires in your attic and walls, these wires can break or spark and lead to a fire.

They make nests and reproduce fast

Rodents reproduce very quickly, and if they’ve decided to build a nest in or around your home you will be faced with an infestation before you know it. They often rip out insulation, tear apart textiles and boxes, and destroy anything that might help them build a soft nest.

They are very dirty and spread disease

Rodents like rats and mice often carry harmful diseases, which you may encounter in their excrement. They will leave trails of urine and droppings around your home as they search for food, water and nesting materials, putting anyone who lives there at risk of contamination.

They draw in other rodents

As rats move around your home and yard, they leave scent trails in their wake. While for many animals the scent of another is enough to encourage them to steer clear, rodents are drawn in by the scent of others. This can compound your infestation very quickly.

Rat prevention programs

For residents of Burlington, Oakville, Milton (Halton Region) it’s a great idea to seek out local prevention and control tips from Halton Region. Those living the Peel region who are facing rat problems around their home can now apply for a partial rebate of their rat removal costs. This new initiative recognizes the issue that a rat infestation can present to a homeowner and covers up to half of the cost of pest removal on the outside of the home.

Unfortunately, the Residential Rat Control Subsidy Pilot Program doesn’t provide reimbursement for pest control measures taken inside the home, however it can be quite helpful for outdoor issues. The rebate program runs until November 30, 2022 and provides homeowners with up to $200 per year.

In order to make use of the program homeowners must:

  • Submit their application before November 20, 2022
  • Provide proof that they’ve hired a Region of Peel-approved pest removal company between March 22, 2021 and November 30, 2022.

GTA tops the charts for rats

Toronto has been at the top of the list for most rat-infested cities in Ontario for several years, so it’s never been more important to prevent them from living in your home. Taking preventative measures is often a much cheaper and easier process than paying for removal measures after the fact.

Ensuring that your property is free from contributing factors like junk piles, compost piles, overgrown vegetation, and food sources like pet food, bird feeders and pet excrement can play a significant role in discouraging rats from taking up residence in or around your home.