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Wildlife Removal Services in Halton

Looking for the best animal control company in your area? When it comes to raccoons or squirrels in your attic, skunks under your deck, birds in your dryer vents or wasps nesting on your property, “Who you going to call?” :)  Wildlife or pest control services  aren’t something (thankfully) you need frequently – or perhaps ever – yet when the need does arise you wan the best value for money. Of course, if it is more than a DIY nuisance problem, then you want to call in the professionals.

What to LOOK FOR in an Animal & Pest Removal Company

  •  Locally owned and operated. This is not a must, but a locally owned company means there is an owner on-site or nearby that can address your concerns and has a personal “stake” in the service provided to the residents and business owners within the community serviced.
  • Established Business. Unfortunately, there are many “fly by night” wildlife removal service providers. Look out for those and ask how many years they’ve been in business. Also, check out their website and see if they promote how long they’ve been serving your city.
  • What Service Guarantees are Provided? If they identify the problem areas (like an access point to your attic where animals are entering), ask how they’ll repair it and if they guarantee their work. They should!
  • No Obligation Quotes are Provided. Sometimes an accurate “Free” quote is a stretch as a visit is often required to see the problem areas. Any quote provided – paid or not – shouldn’t oblige you to use their services.
  • Ensure Proper Health and Safety is Followed. Ask how they will remove the animals with safety in mind. Their own and the safety of your home and property, too.
  • Hold Proper Insurance. Do ensure that whomever you hire can prove they carry the proper insurance to carry out services on your property.
  • They Treat Wildlife Humanely. Do ask if the animals removed will be treated humanely and how they will be handled. There are not only laws surrounding how to relocate animals captured yet humanely treating them is of even greater importance.
  • They’re Recommended! Does the pest control company have “social endorsements” by way of Google Reviews, Facebook likes, or other recommendations readily found online?

What to LOOKOUT for in An Animal & Pest Removal Company

Unfortunately, not all “wildlife removal” or “pest control” experts are, well, experts. Of course, if they don’t satisfy  the points above you should think twice. Additionally, consider other signals that they’re not reputable or trustworthy, including:

  • They don’t operate marked/branded commercial vehicles. This may mean they’re not full time professionals or the company is hiring “freelancers”.
  • What they say you “need” doesn’t quite add up. If what you thought was a pretty straight forward problem, like fixing an entry point, turns into your needing a new roof, insulation, and wiring…you may need a second opinion!
  • You call one company and another shows up. That’s odd, right? Ask what kind of arrangement they have and “who is really performing the work”. Or, just stay clear.
  • They don’t post a phone number (only accept emails) or address on their website. Why not?

The humane society also provides some useful tips on selecting a wildlife control company, so it’s worth a read and they also mention several similar points to consider.

Halton Wildlife Services “Checks the Boxes”

Serving Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown and surrounding areas Ryan Gatien co-founded Halton Wildife Services in 2008 and has grown to become a leading wildlife removal and animal control company serving the Region – his own local local community!  You may have seen Halton Wildlife vehicles roaming the area as they go from job site to job site, ridding nuisance animals from homes and businesses throughout Halton and Hamilton. We welcome the privilege, when and if the time comes, to provide you with wildlife or pest control services. Contact us anytime for a no-obligation quote!