Spotting a mouse or other rodent in your home is certainly going to give you a fright! With rodents, you want to get rid of them fast! Not only are these tiny critters fast to reproduce and infest a space, they can also create quite a bit of mess. Once you’ve gotten over your initial shock there are a few steps you can take to clear out an infestation, and to prevent them from returning.

With rodents, you must act fast

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The most unfortunate part of finding a mouse in your home is knowing how quickly they reproduce. Mice are able to breed as soon as 6 weeks after birth, so even just 2 mice hiding in your basement can become a major infestation very quickly. These tiny critters are often not even noticed until they’ve entered into the dozens, so it’s important to be fast and thorough if you suspect a pest problem.

Prevent mice from taking over your home

Taking steps to prevent mice from getting comfortable in your home is the best way to protect yourself from an impending infestation. Because mice will reproduce and take over your home very quickly, waiting until you spot a problem is often too late. Mice are very sneaky little critters, adept at hiding in small spaces. Even missing one mouse can renew an infestation after you think it’s gone.

The top ways to prevent mice from infesting your home include:

Remove any food and water sources

Most rodents and other pests enter your space because of the availability of food and water so removing these sources is essential in discouraging mice from sticking around. If mice can’t find food and water in your home, they won’t hang around for long. Some steps to take while cleaning up food sources include:

  • Keep both outdoor and indoor garbage bins tightly sealed and don’t leave bags full of garbage lying around outside of bins.
  • Pick up any trash and food around your home, especially in the backyard, garage, kitchen and basement
  • Ensure pet and bird food is not left out and is stored in sealed containers
  • Ensure any spilled food in cupboards and pantries is cleaned immediately
  • Wipe off counters and keep food prep areas clear of crumbs
  • Seal food packages

Restrict their entry and nesting spaces

Mice can squeeze through the smallest of holes and will look for anywhere dark and quiet to live and nest. Taking steps to prevent their entry into your homes and walls can help stop an infestation before it starts.

  • Cover vents and chimney with mesh covers to prevent rodents from chewing through
  • Seal any cracks, holes or openings larger than ¼” wide around doors, windows, soffits, rooflines and in the foundation
  • Install rubber seals and weather stripping along the base of garage doors and around doorways
  • Seal space around pipes, vents and drains

Make your yard free from rodent habitats

A messy yard is an open invitation for rodents like mice to start exploring and trying to get into your home. Making a point to clean up around your yard can help reduce the likelihood that they’ll stick around.

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed, removing brush and dead branches that might make good places to hide
  • Cut grass regularly so that it doesn’t grow long enough to provide a place to hide
  • Clear out basement clutter and store things in solid plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes
  • Don’t store boxes on the floor

If in doubt, a pest control exterminator is the best option!

While you can do many things to help prevent mice from getting into your home and to remove them once they have, sometimes the best option is to call a professional to give you a hand. A pest removal company sees all kinds of infestation situations so they will be able to spot some problem areas quite easily.