Living in Southern Ontario means that you’ll likely end up dealing with household pests at some point in the year. The mild, humid weather often leads to a variety of different animals, rodents and insects looking for a comfortable place to seek shelter and food. Some of the most common pests you’ll deal with are actually quite small, so may not come first to mind when thinking about household nuisances. Rodents, insects and wasps are all very opportunistic and determined creatures, and will have you quickly seeking out solutions if you find them in your home.

Household pests are a nuisance

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When insects and rodents make their way into your house, they can create quite a bit of stress for anyone living there. Although most aren’t as destructive as pests like squirrels, raccoons or birds, these tiny pests come with their own set of problems.


Rodents are most likely to create issues in your home. They often cause damage in whatever area they are in, whether that’s your attic, basement, backyard or walls. Rodents like mice and rats like to create dens by chewing through paper, boxes, and walls. They also leave their excrement throughout, which often transmits harmful viruses to humans if they come in contact with them.


Although insects aren’t likely to create too much actual damage, they can certainly be annoying to deal with and very hard to remove. Ants, for example, multiply at an alarming rate and are extremely difficult to remove, while ticks and fleas can carry diseases.

Wasps and Hornets

The biggest concern with wasps comes when they make a nest in your walls, attic, or ceiling and it grows larger and becomes damp. This can cause the materials around it to become weak and can lead to holes or moisture damage in your walls or ceiling. Some breeds of wasps can also bury into or chew through wood, leading to significant problems if not removed fast enough. Hornets nests are another serious concern as the volume of these nests can reach in the several hundreds, even 700-plus!

How to remove these pests from your home

When it comes to removing pests like rodents and insects from a house, often the best course of action is to set traps for them. Whether you choose a live trap, a kill trap or one that will have the them bringing poison back to their nests to kill the group from the inside depends on what pest you are dealing with. Mice, for example, reproduce so quickly that your best option is to trap them- whether to kill or release elsewhere. On the other hand, ants are extremely difficult to remove completely so the most successful abatement strategy will be to have them carry poison back to their nest and kill them at their source.

In order to remove wasps from your home or yard you’ll have to start by using an insecticide to kill off any inhabitants, then safely remove and destroy the nest to prevent it from being reused. If the nest is hard to reach or located inside your walls or attic, you may benefit from contacting a pest removal company to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Pest prevention is the best option

Taking steps to prevent your home from becoming overrun by pests like rodents, insects or wasps is the best way to live a pest-free life. If you only act after a problem has begun, you’ll get stuck in a trap of only reacting to the problem once it’s become more difficult to solve. Seeking out a pest control company that provides prevention, maintenance and removal services can help keep your home and yard safe from a variety of different pests, even before they become a problem.