The need for raccoon removal in Burlington is something that’s best avoided altogether and let’s face it, raccoons are an issue all over Halton Region. Whether you’ve never had a problem with nuisance raccoons, or have in the past and want to avoid repeating the experience, here is everything you need to know to minimize your odds of having another problem with these pesky creatures!

Burlington Raccoons Love Generous Homeowners – Don’t Feed Raccoons!

The City of Burlington recommends that you keep all food that may attract wildlife inside your home. Additionally, no matter how cute they appear, do not feed these animals. And don’t accidentally leave them a meal in your trash either – raccoons are known for their ingenious methods of breaking into unsecured trash to raid it for food.

If you have pets, it’s understandable that you may wish to leave them bowls of food outdoors. But the very same food that’s intended for your beloved pet may also be seen as a free meal by neighbourhood raccoons. Never leave food outside unless you are around to ensure that only the intended recipient gets to eat it.

Get Rid of Raccoons Properly the First Time

If you’ve found raccoons on your property, it’s best to get rid of them properly the first time, rather than try and fail repeatedly. The last thing you want is for them to have enough time to make themselves a home here and worse, start a family together! If one or two raccoons is a problem, imagine how much worse it would be if they have time to have babies who will grow up to see your property as “home, sweet home!”

While some do-it-yourselfers have success, you’ll save a lot of time, mistakes, and headaches by hiring a professional from the start.

Deter Racoons by Making Your Property Uninviting

Don’t invite raccoons to check out your rooftop or attic by leaving a convenient way for them to climb up there. Trim any tree branches near your roof so they can’t use it as a bridge to the top of your home! Place a barrier that they can’t chew through at the base of any trees that are at risk of being used for a raccoon invasion. The best barriers are not only chew-proof, but smooth enough so that a raccoon can’t grab onto it and climb over it.

Enjoy Your Freedom from the Need for Raccoon Removal in Burlington

Ensuring that you don’t feed them (whether intentionally or by accident), getting rid of them properly the first time you see them, and making your property uninviting so that they don’t return will go a long way towards avoiding the need for raccoon removal services in future. But worst case, if these animals don’t get the message and move in despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening, don’t put off calling a pro to take care of the problem for you. They’ll not only be able to safely get rid of the raccoons, but help you figure out why they came in the first place so that you can avoid a recurrence of the problem.

Deterring raccoons from taking residence in your Burlington home is the first step, but if you do have a problem with nuisance raccoons you just can’t resolve, then contact the experts at Halton Wildlife today for help and a quick quote. We’re local!