Squirrel Removal Oakville

Squirrel Prevention & Removal

The need for squirrel removal in Oakville is very common among homeowners and gardeners. Nuisance squirrels nibble their way into attics, sheds, and garages. They chew up plants, leaving them shredded and lifeless. And besides all that, they can be noisy when running across rooftops!

You don’t have to suffer for long though. With the right help, you can get rid of them. But better still, is to prevent the problem in the first place.

Understand thy Squirrel Enemy!

The key to successfully repelling problem squirrels is to understand their habits, likes, and dislikes. Once you understand these things, you can use this new knowledge against them.
Squirrels feel safest when they have access to lots of natural cover, such as shrubs, bushy trees, and stacks of logs. If you want them to avoid coming near your home for example, you could ensure that they don’t have access to cover and places to hide near your home.

Squirrels like willows, aspens, spruces, and pine trees.

Favourites among squirrels are trees that produce seeds, nuts (for example, acorns), and edible flowers too! If you want to minimize the squirrel population on your property, avoid planting these types of trees.

Nuisance squirrels love to poach food from bird feeders.

They adore food that contains any kind of nuts. If you have bird feeders on your property, either ensure that they are squirrel-proof (hard to do!), or avoid filling them with the kinds of food that squirrels like to eat.

Squirrels are often intimidated by large animals.

If you have a pet such as a large dog, letting them enjoy lots of time in the yard could help to keep squirrels at bay.

Keep Squirrels Out of your Home or Building by Sealing Off Entry Points

Many people find themselves having to get rid of squirrels that invade their home, attic, or garage. These cute, but pesky creatures can cause a lot of damage by chewing up wooden structural components of your home, and even wiring! But you can largely avoid this problem altogether by taking care to inspect your property regularly, looking for any signs that nuisance squirrels are trying to chew their way in. Being proactive and preventing small problems from turning into big problems is your best defense so it is a must to seal off potential entry points.

If You Still End Up Needing to Take on Squirrel Removal in Oakville…

Worst case, if you’re the victim of particularly stubborn problem squirrels, you’ll need to remove them. You can either set humane traps, or spread deterrents around your property. However, doing a thorough job can take a lot of time, so you may find it easier to just call a professional for help. They’ll know exactly where to look for squirrel entry points, the best places to put down traps, plus which deterrents are effective and which ones are a waste of money. A professional can also be of help in giving you tips for effectively protecting your garden.

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