Squirrel Removal Burlington OakvilleIf you reside in well-treed community, chances are you’ve got common grey squirrels living in your neighborhood. They are often a welcome sight, scurrying through the underbrush as they forage for nuts and seeds.

However, as a home owner you also may have experienced squirrel damage on your property that can range from a minor annoyance to a full blown declaration of war! In the latter case, you’ll want the squirrels removed. The most common types of damage that people see are caused by the squirrels’ constant quest for food, their incessant chewing and from building nests. Here’s a closer look at the causes of squirrel damage and some tips to prevent it in future.

Hoarding Food is One of the Largest Causes of Squirrel Damage

Food is a large preoccupation for these guys as they are not only trying to fill their cheeks now but also for the future. They will stockpile nuts and acorns by burying them in small holes in your lawn, potted plants, flowerbeds and gardens, only to dig them up again later when food is scarce. They also bury food as a means of hiding it from others.

Although nuts and seeds are part of their diet, they are not the only things on the menu. Fruits and vegetables, as well as bird seed and most plants and flowers are all fair game to these guys. There are several deterrents out there that can be used to dissuade them from your garden and prized flowers.

Placing pinwheels around the desired area can be effective as the movement scares them away but be sure to move them frequently so they don’t get desensitized to having them around. Another tip would be to mix a little cayenne pepper in with the soil around your plants as this has been known to keep them away. Squirrels can dislike the hot spice and will therefore avoid that area in the future. Another option is to provide the squirrels with an alternative food source such as commercial squirrel feeders or your own DIY solution.

If you’ve already gone the extra mile and their behavior is still driving you nuts (pun intended), consider placing live traps around your property to relocate these furry critters to a more suitable location. If squirrel removal is something you desire but you’re not able to do yourself, then consider hiring a wildlife removal expert to deal with this problem.

Squirrel Damage Due to Chewing

The common grey squirrel’s teeth are always growing and they are therefore always gnawing on something to file them down naturally. Although they prefer hard nuts and seeds, they will also chew on almost anything else around your property to accomplish their goal. Lawn ornaments, patio furniture, plastic car parts, children’s play structures, sheds, fence boards, and trees, are but a few of the many non-metallic things found around your property that squirrels will gnaw on for dental relief. Besides squirrel removal, you may consider providing them with an alternative chewing surface thereby leaving your other possessions and plants unharmed.

Squirrel Damage Due to Nesting

Nest building is perhaps the most costly squirrel damage that you will encounter. They will chew through almost anything to gain access to your attic and wall cavities. Once there, they will displace insulation in their nest building efforts, chew on your household wiring, and leave fecal matter and urine everywhere. The key here is to catch this habit early before they get established. By patrolling your property periodically, you can address any damage that you find early on, before it becomes a bigger headache. Placing wire mesh over any openings that you find will prevent them from using this point of entry. If they’re already established, calling a wildlife removal expert may be your best solution.

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