If you spot a mouse in your backyard it’s probably no big deal, since they do actually live out there in the wild. But what if you start seeing several mice, and they seem to be hanging out back there and they don’t seem to be leaving? If you do start seeing signs of a mouse infestation in your backyard you could be in for quite a surprise on the inside of your home as well!

Signs a mouse is in your house

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There are a few signs that you might have a mouse problem in your backyard or home. Though some may be more noticeable than others, you’ll no doubt notice at least one of these before you actually see the mouse run around.

Droppings – This sign is often the first thing you see, and the worst. However, mouse droppings are quite small so can be hard to spot. Mouse droppings can actually be harmful to humans, so if you see any you want to be very careful with removal. Never use a vacuum or broom, as that can stir up the toxins in the air. If you can wear a mask and gloves when you pick them up, that is the best option.

Torn or chewed up things – Mice are very destructive pests and will rip up or chew anything they can. If you find piles of shredded paper, clothing, furniture and even wall material you can bet that there is a mouse or 4 running around. Mice have teeth that never stop growing so in order to keep them sharp and not too long, they constantly chew things.

A nest – The mouse nest may be one of the last things you notice when you suspect a mouse infestation. Often these will be hidden away in a darker area in your garage, basement or attic. A mouse will typically build a nest out of newspaper, cardboard and other soft discarded items from your home. These nests are created in order for mice to breed and have babies, which can turn a small pest problem into a major infestation very quickly.

If they’re in your house, they could be in your walls

When mice start hanging out in your yard it’s a good time for warning bells to start going off for you. Often times when multiple mice start appearing in your space it means that they’ve found their way into your home as well. Mice are wily little pests mostly because of how small they are. These tiny rodents can squeeze through the tiniest holes or cracks in your wall to create their nest in any part of your home. Their favourite places to build a home include:

  • in your attic
  • – in your walls
  • – in your garage
  • – in dark corners of your basement

These spots are especially tempting for mice because they are often dark, cool and quiet spaces where they won’t get discovered or disturbed.

Mice don’t often leave on their own

Mice are one pest that usually won’t leave on their own. Once they find a comfortable place to create a nest, they will use their space to procreate and fill your home will mouse babies. Once this happens, your minor problem can turn into a major one very quickly.

If you notice mice in your backyard or home the first step is to try setting traps to get them out. This is often a step you can take yourself. However, if traps don’t seem to be solving the problem, you might want to consider setting up a system around your perimeter to prevent their entry. For this step your best bet is often to contact a professional to give you a hand.