Don’t Let Nuisance Squirrels Get the Best of You!Squirrel Removal Burlington Oakville

The common grey squirrel is found across North America. Travel in any well-treed neighborhood and they are a regular sight, playfully bounding around from treetop to treetop. Sure they’re cute, but don’t let that fool you – squirrels are often a nuisance to home and business owners!

There is a dark side beneath that fuzzy exterior. Grey squirrels are often the source of many nuisance problems by causing damage in their quaint little communities. Some of these damages include (but are not limited to) the following:

Squirrel Damage from Chewing, Part 1

Squirrels chew everything in sight. The squirrel’s teeth constantly grow and they gnaw on hard nuts and seeds to file them down naturally. The problems occur when they don’t stop there. When their usual fare of nuts and seeds are not readily available, they will chew on anything non-metallic around your property. Sheds, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, plastic patio lighting and children’s play structures are all fair game.

Tree bark is a frequent and convenient victim for these little chewing machines as well. In fact, in some neighborhoods, squirrels have been responsible for causing substantial power outages by chewing on power lines. The key to reducing these kind of problems is to identify any warning signs early and take appropriate measures to stop further damage from occurring. If you’ve discovered any holes in your fencing, shed or home, cover the opening with a metal mesh to repel future visits until more suitable repairs can be made. Chicken wire fencing around the base of a tree will protect its bark but make sure it’s not too tight as the tree will need room to grow. There are various commercial and natural squirrel repellents available and they generally work best when applied as soon as you discover the damage. If you’re not keen on using a repellent to solve this problem, consider providing an alternative for the squirrels to chew on.

Squirrel Damage from Chewing, Part 2

Their quest for food is constant. Yes, they like their acorns but you can also include fruits, vegetables, bird seed, and most plants, on their menu. It’s best to go on the offensive and apply a deterrent, such as cayenne pepper, in your potted plants, flowerbeds and garden. They dislike the hot spice but it’s safe to use around plants, children and pets. Another option would be to use squirrel feeders as an alternative source of food. Squirrel feeders can be purchased commercially or you can use a DIY solution. An ear of corn firmly attached to a tree trunk is just one example. By providing them with this alternate food source, they will hopefully leave your prized plants and flowers alone.

Squirrels are Party Crashers

They make themselves welcome, building nests in your attic and walls. Unfortunately, this is the where they do the most damage. They displace insulation, leave waste everywhere, and chew on everything in sight. They’ve even been known to start a fire or two by knawing through household wiring! Be sure to inspect your property periodically and address any damage as soon as you find it. If you find these little invaders in your home, you can purchase some live traps or call in a wildlife removal expert to evict them.

As you can see, squirrel damage can not only be a nuisance but costly as well. Taking appropriate measures will limit or eliminate their damage altogether. Using several of these strategies together should yield the results that you’re looking for. Whether you wish to provide the squirrels with alternatives, repel them or trap them, these tips will help you from going squirrely yourself.

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