Frequently Asked Wildlife & Pest Control Questions

Answers direct from our wildlife removal professionals!

If i find the entry hole the pests are using, should i block it up?

No! never block an entry hole, chances are you will make the pest panic and it will make its way into your living space and can potentially cause damage. example; a squirrel will chew through dry wall to get out if it feels trapped. Depending on the pest type, a one way door should be installed or pesticides should be placed in or near the entry hole.

Will mice chew electrical wires inside my attic?

Yes mice can potentially chew wires in the attic. Mice, being rodents, teeth do not stop growing so to file them down they constantly chew.

Do yellow jackets hibernate in the winter?

The worker bees will die in the winter due to the cold temperatures. The queen will hibernate and start a new colony once the warm weather comes.

Is it dangerous to have bats in my attic?

Bats in your home can potentially be dangerous for two main reasons. Bat feces is toxic so any accumulation will be detrimental to the quality of the air in your home.  In fact, histoplasmosis is a disease you acquired from bat droppings exposure (bat guano). Also, there have been increasing reports of rabid bats in the Hamilton-Halton area. The spread of rabies is something taken very seriously and if you suspect rabid bats (or any animal, including raccoons) quickly call your local city animal control department