Pest Control Services Serving Burlington & Oakville


Fully licensed pest control technicians on staff means we’ll get rid of insects and rodents for you quickly and cost effectively.

Whether you have an ant problem, or have mice that you just can’t get rid of we’ll do the job right! Our reputation is built on satisfied customers and we welcome the opportunity to provide you a no obligation, free pest control services quote.

Our pest solutions services division is sister company to Halton Wildlife services, and the goal of our company is to provide clients peace of mind by getting rid of nuisance pests of all kinds!

We safely and economically treat homes and businesses for all kinds of rodent and insect pests, including:

Mice and Rats are terrible pests, but routine work for our technicians. Our experts will examine points of entry and get rid of your rodent issues effectively.

Wasps are not only a nuisance, their stings can be dangerous, particularly to those with allergies. Don't let wasps spoil your backyard get togethers or scare away customers. Call us now for Residential or Commercial wasp control service.

Ants in your home can nest and multiply quickly. The best approach is to exterminate them quickly. We deploy fast, safe, and effective ant control solutions - call us today!

Coackroach infestations are quickly and effectively resolved by our technicians. Call us for an initial inspection extermination services to get your property, and piece of mind back!

Silverfish and spiders can be nesting in your home - but not for long. Call us for an evaluation of the silverfish problem and the conditions in your home that might be promoting their proliferation.

Animal Conrol and Wildlife Removal services are humane and effective. Contacting us means one of our wildlife technicians, specifically trained to remove nuisance animals, will visit to inspect your property. We also repair and clean affected areas - at the best prices around!

Pest Control and Extermination programs are designed to deliver fast, effective results. From rodents to flying insects, we'll get rid of:  



Ear Wigs







Stink Bugs









We’re fully certified and trained, which means we’ll use the right stuff for the job, and apply it safely with minimal or no “down time” for your business or home.

With a free pest removal quote just a click away, why wait for your rodent or insect problem to get worse? Act now for a fast response and relief from your pest problems!
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