Bed Bugs Pest Control

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Bed Bugs Pest ControlBed bugs are parasites that strike both fear and disgust into most of us. They can be found anywhere humans sleep (hence the name "bed bugs") and are annoying given they cause itching and sleeplessness. They also reproduce very quickly. As pictured, bed bugs are oval shaped, deep red-brown in colour and only about half a centimetre in size.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere and are becoming more common. Whether within hotels or your home, bed bugs don't discriminate when it comes to location. It is a misconception that bed bugs are associated with poor hygiene or poorly kept homes, hotels or other public places. Why are bed bugs becoming more common? Perhaps it is increased resistance to common pesticides, increased travel and spread of the bugs, global warming and the fact people aren't normally aware until there is an infestation.

Although bed bugs can't transmit disease, they only come out to feed and their bites can cause infection when the skin is pierced. Their syringe like bites transmit painkiller and sucks blood and often leave blood spots on bed sheets. Blood stains on you or on your bed sheets are sure signs of a bed bug problem. Given this, most people treat the problem with urgency. It is especially important to treat the problem quickly if you have experienced many bites, as a bed bug protein sensitivity issue may result. For the most part, bed bugs themselves don't harm humans beyond irritation. Perhaps the biggest problem is that awareness of bed bugs can severely disrupt ones sleep.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of so a haphazard approach just won't work. To further understand bed bugs and the difficulty in getting rid of them is the fact that they can live up to a year on a single blood-sucking feeding!


It is important to inspect potential areas of infestation in your home or building. Fumigation extermination services are often required which will require ongoing follow up to ensure the bed bugs are completely eradicated. One pest control visit for bed bugs is often not enough as even little remaining can re-multiply quickly.

Prevention Tips!

  • When traveling, inspect your sleeping quarters to ensure there are no signs of bed bugs. They can easily travel on you, your clothing or along with your travel bags/luggage. You don't want to bring them home with you.
  • Before bringing new furniture or clothing purchases into your home, insect them for bed bugs. Don't give bed bugs a free ride into your home!
  • Caulk and paint any window and baseboard seams or cracks in your sleeping areas - common hiding areas for bed bugs.
  • Be conscious and always on the lookout for bed bugs to deal with them fast and before they multiply to large numbers.