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Possom Removal Service

Possom Removal Service

Opossum and Behaviour

Opossums are white-grayish mammals about the size of cats with a long pointed face with 50 teeth and rat like tail. They're common throughout North America and continue to expand further north. They're common in Halton and surrounding areas and we deal with opossum nuisance issues frequently.


Opossum typically seek out insects, carrion and even birds. They also like vegetables, fruits, grasses and grains. They become difficult to get rid of in residential areas because they are attracted to compost refuse, garbage cans and food left out for common household pets. It is common for opossum to get into bird feeders and other food sources left out. They're particularly common in mature neighbourhoods where there is mature vegetation and in all areas where there is open greenspace, including ravines, escarpment areas (like the Niagara Escarpment which runs through Halton Region) and golf courses.

Opossum don't move overly fast yet they have an able defense mechanism - from hissing and biting to releasing foul odour via their anal glands. In short, they can be quite intimidating to most humans if confronted.

Humane Opossum Control

Oppossum can be a problem for home owners and cause significant damage. They can enter garages, homes/buildings, and live under patio decks and sheds. Large tree limbs may provide an avenue for opossum to get to upper levels of your home, gain entry utilizing upper floor openings, such as roof vents or windows. We are very successful at ridding your home of opossum and ensuring they do not have the opportunity to re-enter your property. Like all wild animals, we remove opossum humanely and restore your home enjoyment.