Raccoons are absolutely adorable, until they move onto your property and start to cause damage, or worse, spread disease to you and your pets. If you’re unlucky enough to require raccoon removal in Oakville, be sure to take into account the following facts before you take on this tricky task.

Raccoon Removal in Oakville and Disease Transmission

Raccoon droppings can contain roundworm eggs. If your hands, unbeknownst to you, come into contact with raccoon feces and you then touch your mouth, there’s a chance that you might swallow microscopic roundworm eggs. It’s also possible to inhale the eggs if they are in dust or dirt that gets into the air.

Aside from the gross-out factor of this possibility, becoming exposed to roundworm eggs in this manner can lead to serious infection or even death. Infections with roundworms can also cause brain damage or serious eye problems. Children tend to be at greatest risk of becoming infected, perhaps due to their forgetfulness when it comes to proper hand washing.

Removing nuisance raccoons from your property can prevent this from happening to you or someone you love. Wearing a quality mask can help to prevent inhalation of roundworm eggs. The wearing of protective gloves if working in an area where diseased raccoons may have been can prevent your hands from being exposed to microscopic roundworm eggs.

Another problem with raccoons is that they can carry the rabies virus, which is fatal in humans if it’s not treated before symptoms appear. It’s also fatal to dogs and cats!

Finally, your pets could be at risk if exposed to a raccoon that carries the distemper virus. The highest risk is for dogs and cats who are not up to date on their vaccinations. However, no vaccine is 100% effective, so ideally, you’d want to avoid having your pets exposed to distemper at all.

Look out for raccoons that appear lethargic or disoriented – they may be sick, and contagious too!

Be Careful if Undertaking Raccoon Removal in Oakville

First, try to ensure that you aren’t exposed to their droppings. It’s also important to keep your distance from wild raccoons since they may get aggressive if they feel cornered.

If you have a raccoon problem in an interior space, such as an attic, make sure that you’ve truly gotten rid of all of them before you seal off their entry holes. The last thing you want is for a trapped animal to cause even more damage trying to chew their way out, or to die in there and rot.

The Best Way to Undertake Raccoon Removal in Oakville

The best way to get rid of nuisance raccoons is to hire an experienced professional. A pest removal expert will know how to avoid exposure to raccoon diseases during the removal process, be able to figure out what attracted them to your property in the first place, and are experts at getting rid of raccoons quickly and efficiently.

If you’re on a budget and require cost effective raccoon or wildlife removal services, consider Halton Wildlife Services – we’re local and live in your neighbourhood, too! Get a quote now!