We’re sharing the latest for our local area including Hamilton and Halton.

The statistics below are provided courtesy of our friends at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Raccoons exhibiting erratic or unusual behaviour are a clue that they’re ill with rabies. Please don’t approach these animals and seek the help of wildlife control experts. We’re happy to help. Here’s the latest which includes details for Halton and Hamilton:

“We remain at 293 cases of raccoon strain and 7 cases of fox strain rabies in Ontario to date”. The good news that there are no new cases in the last week reported.

Summary of Raccoon Strain Rabies (since Dec 2015):

Raccoon strain rabies: 293 cases

  • Halton: 10 cases
  • Hamilton: 231 cases
  • Haldimand: 20 cases
  • Brant: 17 cases
  • Niagara: 15 cases

Raccoon Strain Species Breakdown:

  • Raccoons: 199 cases
  • Skunks: 90 cases
  • Fox: 1 case
  • Cat: 2 cases
  • Llama: 1 case

Fox Strain Breakdown:

  • Bovine: 5 cases
  • Skunk: 2 cases
  • Huron County: 2 cases
  • Perth County: 5 cases

Number of DRIT tests: > 5,000

Number of baits distributed since April 2016; > 1,600,000

If you’ve questions and see a raccoon on your property (especially if you notice erratic behaviour) or in your attic don’t panic but also don’t approach them. Contact Halton Wildlife Services now for help! We serve Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and all of Halton.