Residential Pest Control

Serving Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Waterdown

Protecting the comfort of your home is important to us so we take care to do the job right. That means a thorough initial inspection, diagnosis, and plan to eradicate the problem pests. Whether it's mice to raccoons in the attic, wasps in and around outdoor crevices, or insects such as ants and cockroaches found throughout your residence.

Pest Protection - Inside and Outside

Inside Your Home: We'll initially treat the inside of your home hiding in hard to reach and see crevices. This includes in and around mouldings, vents, and behind appliances. Our application is targeted and the right treatment type is used based on the pest issue at hand. We have the safety of you and your children in mind and can answer any of your safety concerns. Typically, you're free to safely resume your daily living activities in your home just a few hours after an extermination. Yes, that means even little children can go back to crawling on floors as they usually do!

Outside Your Home: Of course, most pests come in from the outside so we scrutinize any obvious or vulnerable points of entry. The perimeter of your home often requires a protective treatment to deter pests from entering. Keeping pests out in the first place is key!

Seasonal Pest Issues

Different pests attempt to infiltrate your home based on several factors, including the weather and changing seasons. Although different seasons may trigger different pest issues - we come prepared to safely exterminate as needed to effectively treat the problem.

We've developed effective seasonal programs to deter all pests from your home - all the time! Ask us about scheduled visit programs!

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