Rodent problems in Halton are quite common, especially in single family homes. Rodents often look for a warm, dry and dark space both to create a den to have babies and to hole up in for the winter. Though they may seem cute, rodents can be quite the menace if they get comfortable in your home!

Rodents are bad news

No infestation is welcome in your home, but rodents can be particularly bothersome. Their noisy and disrespectful nature can be quite annoying- and dangerous. Here’s a few reasons why rodents are definitely not welcome houseguests.

They carry disease

Rodents can carry many diseases and will transmit them in many ways. One of the most common diseases to be concerned about is hantavirus which is transmitted through exposure to infected deer mouse droppings or urine.

They’re hard to get rid of

Once a rodent has made their way into your home and found that it is a comfortable space, they are more likely to keep trying to get back in, even once you’ve gotten them out. Rodents are attracted to dark, warm and quiet spaces like your attic or basement.

They are very dirty

From their excrement to the mess they create when building a den, rodents can be quite a hassle to pick up after. Since many rodents can spread disease through their droppings and urine, these are messes you’ll want to clean up as soon as possible. Just make sure you wear protective equipment like gloves and a mask and have proper ventilation!

They can be loud

When a rodent is in your attic, they can be very noisy and disruptive, especially if they are fairly large. When raccoons and squirrels build their den, they will likely make quite a bit of noise chewing wires and wood beams and tearing out insulation. Rodents are also likely to make scratching and scurrying noises when they move around.

What kind of rodents will you find?

There are several different rodents you may find in your home or yard, but these are the most common ones you’ll likely encounter in southern Ontario and the Halton region.

Mice – Probably the most common rodent that you might find in your home, mice can squeeze in through very small openings and quickly make their way into your basement, walls and attic.

Raccoons – These pests are very likely to make a mess of your yard before they even make it into your home. Drawn to the smell of your garbage, food left out and any obvious places to create a den, raccoons can be quite the pest.

Possums – Known for their violent demeanor and penchant for garbage, possums are not a pest you want to let stick around.

Skunks – These stinky rodents will make a mess of your trash if left out and can be a hassle to get rid of. The easiest way to prevent them from sticking around is to remove all food sources, including pet food and any garbage.

Squirrels – Most often found trying to get into your attic in the spring and fall, squirrels are often looking for a warm and comfortable place to call home. If you have any cracks or weak spots in your siding or  around the base of your roof, a squirrel will likely try to make their way into your attic.

Call pest control

If you have a rodent problem in your home you can contact a pest removal company to help you out or try some DIY pest removal methods to get them out. Though there are a few things you can do to prevent rodents from becoming a problem in your home, they might be difficult to execute especially if they have already gotten in and had babies.