Raccoon Removal Burlington Oakville Ontario

Get Rid of Nuisance Raccoons

Raccoon removal can be simple if you are able to get rid of whatever is attracting the raccoon to your property in the first place. Prevention is key. However if you already have a nest or raccoon settled in a part of your house you may need expert help to safely and securely remove them.

Raccoon Prevention

Food and shelter are the main reasons a raccoon is attracted to a location or property. They’re meat-eaters, so if you leave pet food outside, don’t. Also make sure your garbage is secured so much so that no wild animal is going to be able to get to it. If you have a fish pond secure it with wire mesh.

It’s important not to put poison down or use repellents against raccoons, particularly since there are no legal substances available to kill raccoons. Repellents are often made of naphthalene or a predator animal’s urine such as fox, or just ammonia.

Other available preventative techniques include sound emitters that send out a sound at a frequency that raccoons dislike. However these are discredited by experts.

DIY Raccoon Removal

In many places raccoon removal must be undertaken by a licensed, qualified expert. There are many threats and potential dangers of capturing a raccoon or any wild animal.

People who try to catch raccoons in the past have come into some difficult situations such as catching the wrong animal or setting a trap up incorrectly. Additionally, some of the traps available pose a danger to domestic pets and small children.

The majority of raccoon problems come when there are raccoons nested in the attic. If that’s the case, it is quite possible that there is a nest with baby raccoons which requires expert removal to ensure the entire family can be relocated safely.

If you just remove the adult mother raccoon she will track her way back to find her young babies. Additionally, if the young ones are left alone they will simply die without being fed and looked after.

Raccoon Deterrents

Raccoons dislike strong scents, so ground up garlic and chilli scattered in your garden could be a good way to deter raccoons. Hanging clothing around the garden that has a strong human smell on them will mean raccoons pick up the scent and if you’re lucky, they’ll avoid the area.

Also noises such as a radio or music playing will put raccoons off, as long as it doesn’t keep you awake too!

Otherwise lights and lanterns that you can keep on all night will keep raccoons at bay.

Anything that makes a raccoon think there is human life nearby might scare them away – try wind chimes, bells or anything that has movement or sound.

Property Maintenance

Keeping your house in good working order is going to save you raccoon trouble too.

Regularly check guttering to ensure it is intact. If you have wooden framework ensure there are no rotting sections, since raccoons will make this an easy access point. At the bottom of your house make sure decking surrounds are secure and enclosed including in-between steps.

Attic vents are a common access point for raccoons, as well as where plumbing installation seals meet the roof.

Most chimneys don’t have any seal or protection either and raccoons will make good use of an accessible chimney, even nesting there!

Raccoons will chip away at shingles and plywood to enter a roof. Soffits are also an easy target since they are hollow and raccoons can push up into the roof this way.

Raccoons: The Unwanted Pests!

You’ll know when you have raccoons since they are noisy and annoying! They are nocturnal, so they’ll keep you awake at night, while their odour and mess will be something that you won’t want to live with. If you try these remedies and preventative measures with no success then do get the help and advice of an expert. There are many qualified wildlife removal experts in the Halton region, including Burlington and Oakville.


Photo Credit: © Martine Oger | Dreamstime.com