You’ve safeguarded your home from break ins from people by having a lock on your doors and windows… But have you safeguarded your home from squirrels? This is a problem you might not consider at first, but squirrel baby season means your attic is a target for their nests! Read on to find out why these cute critters can mean serious problems and get some potential solutions if they’ve already made themselves at home!

Why do squirrels choose my attic?

Squirrels typically build nests in trees but they have learned to take advantage of their surroundings when looking for a suitable place to nest. Building a nest in your attic offers squirrels a dry environment, safety from predators, a warm place to raise their babies, and likely a nearby food source.

They’re here… and there’s babies!

Squirrels typically breed twice a year and have 1-7 babies per litter. Squirrel babies are born hairless and with their eyes closed and remain basically immobile for their first 6 weeks of life. Following that, they remain in their den (your attic) for around another 2 weeks. Cute, right? Until you see how much damage they can do in 2 short weeks!

Why squirrels in your attic are bad news:

  1. Squirrels like to chew things to sharpen their teeth – Lots of things… Like wooden support beams, wires, insulation, plastic pipes, siding and vents. This can lead to all sorts of problems including roof damage, flooding, electrical issues and more.
  2. They created a hole to get in – This naturally leaves your home vulnerable to weather concerns, and potentially other pests like wasps or mice.
  3. Squirrels are noisy – Hearing them run around all day might just drive you crazy!
  4. Squirrels carry diseases and parasites

Despite all the annoying and damaging things, a squirrel can do to your house, one of the biggest motivations to get them out might be all the diseases, parasites and insects they might bring into your home.

How to remove squirrels from your attic

While it is possible to remove squirrels and their nests from your attic by yourself, it is highly recommended to call a professional to give you a hand. There are many things to consider when trying to remove a squirrel, including potential dangers to yourself and the squirrel family. When baby squirrels are involved it’s always easiest to wait until that are old enough to also be trapped, because finding and getting to the nest can be difficult.

Squirrel entry prevention is key

Once they’ve been removed you’ll want to put a few measures in place to discourage them from returning, because squirrels are quite smart and will continue to find ways to return to a place they know they like. Ensure any holes and entry points are sealed and that there’s no openings leading to the attic. Squirrels only need a hole 1.5 inches wide to get in, so be diligent in your search!

Now that you understand why squirrel baby season is bad new for your attic, it’s time to take some necessary precautions so that you won’t face this issue head on! If you’re already there and need to get squirrels out of your attic, call Halton Wildlife Services to help you out!