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Squirrels like to enter houses via roof vents, soffit gaps and even chimneys. While squirrels are in your attic there is always the risk of them chewing electrical wires causing electrical short outs or even worse, starting fires. While squirrels are occupying your attic they are constantly urinating and defecating throughout your insulation. In severe cases attics must have the insulation sucked out, the attic must be decontaminated and insulation must be re-blown back in. The only way to guarantee this from happening to your home is having squirrel prevention screening installed over all potential entry points on your home. Prevention work is the only line of defense against these unwanted pests.

Squirrel Removal Services

More about Squirrels and their behaviour

Eastern gray squirrels are scatter-hoarders; meaning they hoard food in numerous small caches to recover later. Some caches are short lived and temporary, those made near the site of a sudden abundance of food can be retrieved within hours or days for reburial in a more secure site. Others are more permanent and are not retrieved until months later. It is estimated that each squirrel makes several thousand caches each season.

Squirrels have very accurate memories for the locations of these caches, and use distant and nearby landmarks to retrieve them. Once the squirrel is within a few inches of its cache, it will rely on its sense of smell to locate it.

Squirrels will to pretend to bury an object if they feel that they are being watched. They do this by preparing a spot as usual, digging a hole or widening a crack, miming the placement of the food, while actually concealing it in their mouths, and then covering up the hole as if they had deposited an object. Preparing for winter, if a squirrel finds it way into an attic it will store food their in hopes of nesting their during the cold harsh winter.

Come breeding time, the Eastern gray squirrels build a type of nest, known as a “drey”, in the forks of trees, consisting mainly of dry leaves and twigs. They may also nest in the attic or exterior walls of a house, where they become unwanted pests, and fire hazards due to their habit of gnawing and chewing, potentially on electrical cables in the attic. Males and females may share the same nest for short times during the breeding season and during cold winters to stay warm.

Eastern gray squirrels are more active during the early and late hours of the day, and like avoid the heat in the middle of a summer day. They do not hibernate.

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