Wasp Removal Halton Burlington OakvilleIn May, wasp season begins in full force in Halton Region. Residents of Burlington, Oakville, Milton and surrounding Southern Ontario areas begin to feel the sting – or at least the annoyance – of these flying nuisances.  Nearly everyone is afraid of wasps, even if stings are technically avoidable by staying clear of them. However, when nests are nearby and unknown to homeowners, they do pose a threat. The painful sting is the least of worries for many people, children in particular, that are allergic to wasps and can get anaphylactic reactions.

Protecting Children from Wasp Stings

Wasp Safety at School

At Halton Schools (and school boards throughout Ontario), Sabrina’s Law mandates the protection of anaphylactic students by maintaining an anaphylaxis policy.  The insect venom from wasps, hornets and bees can trigger these potentially deadly reactions. Of course, if your child does suffer from allergies that are triggered by insect bites, they should be taught to immediately report any nests/hives to school administrators.

Wasps at Home

To ensure that your home is wasp free, get to the source. This means not trying to swat every wasp midair, but tracking the wasps in the area back to their nest. Whether in your backyard or front area of your home, you’ll notice wasps tend to slow down and hover before landing. Take your time – from a safe distance – to spend a few minutes spying on the wasps and they’ll often lead you to their nest. Hopefully, you’ll find a small nest that you may feel comfortable taking care of yourself. There are wasp control sprays at your local hardware store, like Canadian Tire, that can easily do the trick – if you get to it early. Ideally, you’ll find one with a jet stream that allows you to spray from many feet away with accuracy.

Acceptable Usage of Pesticides in Ontario

Per Halton Region’s website, there is a classification system to regulate the sale and use of pesticides. Under the ban, there are certain types of pesticides that residents can use. This includes those to control wasps or mosquitos that transmit the West Nile Virus. It also stipulates that they can be used in cases of health protection. Especially for those allergic to wasps, this is a good thing. For more information, see the Ministry of the Environment website.

Should I Try and Get Rid of the Wasp Nest Myself?

As noted above, you can try and rid the wasps on your own. However, where larger or hard to reach nests are found, or if you’re scared to come within any distance of a wasp nest, it is best to call wasp removal/extermination professionals.  In situations where you have to climb to get at the nest, it becomes very dangerous as you don’t have the ability to run! Particularly because homeowner’s like you don’t have the protective gear to prevent stings. Of course, trying to get rid of a wasp nest while in your bathing suit near the pool is never a great idea :)

Halton Wildlife Services can quickly and efficiently identify and get rid of nuisance wasps from your residence or business property. With careful planning, the issue is typically resolved within an hour or two so you can go back to enjoying the outdoors. Contact us for a wasp removal quote!