If you’ve noticed some telltale signs of a pest hiding out under your shed, you might be asking yourself what you can do to get them out and ultimately keep them out. Though it might be hard to tell that an animal has decided to take up residence under your shed, there are some signs to look out for when you’re out and about.

Pests Under Your Shed

Though this list isn’t necessarily complete, these are the animals you are most likely to find underneath your shed.

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Skunks are often harder to detect in your yard, since they are mostly nocturnal pests. The most well-known identifying trait of a skunk is their smell. A skunk will spray a foul-smelling odor, especially if they feel threatened.

Beyond that, you’ll might find holes and shallow burrows around your yard. These can be found in your yard where the skunk has dug into the soil to find insects, and around your home while they are looking to find a way into your basement. Read more about skunks and your shed here!


Raccoons are less of a pest than a skunk can be and they are most likely to be under your shed to create a den for having babies. While raccoons will often move along on their own soon enough, they can create quite a mess while they are around. They are prone to getting into your trash bins, digging up our yard and making a lot of noise underneath your shed.


Opossums are a pest that will be mostly drawn to your yard because there are food sources present. Opossums will eat just about anything and will look for trash bins, gardens and compost piles to dig in and find food.

Though opossums can seem dangerous thanks to their sharp teeth and vicious attitude, they are more likely to play dead than to fight back if threatened. But they can still create quite a bit of havoc on your yard!

Keep the Pests Out

The first step to pest proofing your shed you’ll need to ensure that the animal hasn’t created a den and had babies under there. If they have, and you install a barrier to prevent their re-entry, the babies will be stuck under your shed with no way for mom to get food in to them.

There are many suggestions of how-to pest proof your yard, but taking measures to prevent them from getting under your shed is a bit more difficult. Things like introducing light, moisture and sound to make the space uncomfortable seem easy enough in theory, but are hard to implement underneath a dark area like your shed.

Pest Proofing Your Shed

Install a wire or wood barrier

The easiest and most effective way to prevent pests from getting under your shed is to install a barrier around the base of the building that can impede their ability to dig a hole under it. Using something like chicken wire or wooden boards, dig a 4-6-inch ditch around the outside of the shed and place a barrier around the base.

Digging into the ground will help prevent them from digging a hole to get underneath the structure. If necessary, secure the top half of the barrier to the wall of the shed. Use landscaping pegs to secure the bottom of the wire to the bottom of the trench to prevent them from digging it out.

Use paving stones or bricks

If digging into the ground around your shed is not feasible you can place the wire onto the ground instead and use landscaping bricks or paving stones to hold it down. These can also help you create a decorative base around your shed to hide the wire.

Rid your Shed from Animals!

Regardless of what animals have made themselves at home underneath your shed, you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Of course, if there are babies you might have your hands tied a bit, but as soon as they start emerging, it’s time to take action! Though you can take some DIY measures yourself, you can also choose to contact a professional for help as well.