When you see wildlife doing things they maybe shouldn’t be doing in and around Halton, you may want to call someone to help you out. Whether we’re talking about a coyote hanging out in a residential neighbourhood, a dead animal on the side of the highway or a raccoon making himself comfortable in your attic or under your porch, you likely shouldn’t just look the other way.

But who do you call? While the terms seem like they’d refer to the same thing, there is actually a pretty big difference between offices that deal with animal control and ones that deal with animal removal.

Animal Control in Halton

Animal control offices are typically employed by the city and are there to respond to and protect the public from any complaints related to any animals that may be a threat to the health and safety of local residents. An animal control officer will respond to a number of different calls involving both wild and domestic animals.

> Capturing stray animals

> Investigating reports of animal cruelty and neglect

> Clearing roadkill

> Receiving and investigating sightings of dangerous, wild animals

> Investigating and enforcing licensing bylaws

> Investigating claims and repercussions of animal bites in the community

> Rescuing animals that are trapped in public spaces

> Ensuring pets are vaccinated against rabies

Rabies is a disease that is transmitted through an infected animal’s bite so it is essential that domestic animals are vaccinated against it, especially if they spend any time outside where they may encounter other infected wild or domestic animals. In Canada you can be fined if you do not stay up to date on your pet’s rabies vaccinations.

Animal Removal in Halton

If you’re in need of private animal removal services from your home or commercial property, call the experts at Halton Wildlife Services. If you are calling to report an issue as noted above, call the City or Town.

Unlike the government-run animal control agency animal removal companies are typically for-profit businesses. They deal with a vastly different set of problems than animal control, so knowing which one to call when you have a problem will help you get the issue dealt with much faster.

Typically, animal removal companies deal with more wild animal issues in your home or on your property like if you have a pest in your attic or have noticed an infestation of mice in your basement.

Situations in which an animal removal company will be called include:

If you need an inspection – If you hear thumps in your ceiling or scratching in your walls and suspect that there might be a pest in there, animal removal companies can provide a cost estimate and plan for removal.

Animal trapping and removal – From snakes, squirrels, mice and birds and everything in between, an animal removal company is the resource you need to help you humanely remove any pests from your home and property.  

Removal of dead animals – If an animal has died in your home or property, whether because of something you did or from natural causes, an animal removal service will help you get the carcass out before it starts to break down.

Clean up after the animal has been removed – An animal infestation will often result in significant mess and even damage in the space that they were inhabiting. Urine and feces must be cleaned up, stripped or broken wires must be repaired and insulation must be replaced.

Re-entry prevention – Once the infestation has been addressed, the next step is to figure out how the pests got into your space and taking measures to prevent their re-entry. While you can do a lot of this yourself, an animal removal company can help advise you since they may know of tricks and techniques that you don’t.

Relocation – Because of provincial and municipal regulations, animals can not just be trapped and relocated to a different area. It is essential to contact an animal removal company to help you follow bylaws and regulations.